Vapour Blasting

What is Vapour Blasting?

Developed in the 1950’s by Norman Ashworth as an alternative to silica blasting.
It has even be used and developed by Rolls-Royce for cleaning jet engine parts. The process uses an enclosed cabinet with a sump filled with water and tiny glass beads. A pump agitates the glass and water and draws it up through a blast hose into a gun where it's accelerated by compressed air. The mixture cleans by flow of water not by impact unlike traditional blasting methods. This makes the process completely non abrasive and suitable for a massive range of parts and materials.

Why choose Newcastle Vapour Blasting?

We understand that some things just can’t be replaced and we pride ourselves on the care, pride and effort that we put into every job. We have taken the blasting process further and continue to improve it, which led us to develop a unique 4 stage vapour blasting process to bring you that show winning finish like never before. Our 4 stage blasting process is perfect for your project or job. 1. After receiving your job we clean the parts in our ultrasonic cleaner to remove any paint or organic soils. 2. After cleaning in the ultrasonic, your parts will be cleaned in the vapour blaster using a ‘dirty wash’ to removal all surface contamination and to prep for the later blasting stages.
3. We then completely empty the machine, scrub it spotless, degrease it then fill it with brand new glass media and water. The parts get re-blasted with the clean media ready for the last stage. 4. This is where the magic happens. We turn off the compressed air and, merely using pump pressure, burnish your job. This peens the surface to help with resisting future oil stains and fingerprints to remain perfect for years to come.

How long does the finish last?

We understand that parts are meant to be used, built and ridden. Due to Newcastle Vapour Blasting finishing process your finish will last as long as it’s looked after. So, when you've finished building and putting your parts back into use, be sure to wipe off any oil, liquids, dust and finger prints with a gentle soft cloth and a good quality brake cleaner. We also recommend and sell a tested and trusted Carnauba based wax for show parts. When your parts are likely to be subjected to dirty situations use a coating of silicone spray for protection and ease of washing post use.

What sizes can the parts be?

Our machine is 105cm wide x 92cm high. So to finish parts perfectly we recommend parts no bigger than 85cm wide x 80cm high. For the smaller fiddly bits, we have built special blasting baskets that can hold bolts as small as M3 size. Contact us today to talk about your project and we’ll see what we can do.

Do I need to do anything before bringing/shipping my parts?

To save yourself some money and get your parts back faster we ask that your parts are degreased, paint stripped and any bearings removed if applicable. This saves our blasters time and you money but if you cannot prep your parts before sending/bringing them we will certainly do this for you. Bearings can be left in but they do not survive the blasting process as they become seized with glass media and require replacement after. Degreasing will be charged at an hourly rate if excessive. Bearings can be removed on request by our mechanic.

Can you blast complete engines?

We do not offer sealed engine blasting, the risk of media working its way into the engine is too high and the finish isn’t as good as individual part blasting. However, if you’re interested in giving your engine the Newcastle Vapour Blasting finish but don’t have the time or knowledge to pull apart and rebuild it contact us today.

What materials can be blasted?

The best finishes are achieved with aluminum and stainless steel, however, all metals and most materials can be blasted. Some fibre glass parts, plastics and rubbers, depending on condition, can be blasted. Parts that have a combination of metals such as barrels or blocks with a sleeve of steel/iron will be treated with inox after blasting to prevent rusting until it’s rebuilt or painted. Ferrous metals are best blasted using our glass bead blaster, we can prime these items for you and even organise your painting if required. We will work with you to achieve your perfect finish.

My part is painted/anodised/electroplated/other?

We can remove most paint with our ultrasonic cleaner. Parts not easily stripped with our ultrasonic cleaner will be chemically stripped for a fee. We can also have your parts de-anodised for a fee. For steel parts electroplated we have a hydroclauric bath for removing most plating. After plating removal they are blasted, wire wheeled if needed and replated on request. Have you got any questions? Please contact us.

My part has matting surfaces, fine details and/or is delicate.

Vapour blasting is non abrasive so your matting surfaces and fine details are safe with us. We have full control over the air pressure so depending on the delicacy of your part we’ll work with you on getting it finished. If you feel more comfortable and or wish for certain areas not to be blasted we can use a special tape to mask off these areas. Just ask us!









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