Glass Bead Blasting

What is Glass Bead Blasting?

Glass bead blasting is a similar process to Vapour Blasting, it uses a cabinet with a sump filled with glass media. It is drawn up and accelerated by air pressure through a gun. Glass bead blasting cleans by impact and is therefore slightly abrasive. To reduce any excessive abrasion we use a fine glass bead grade.

Why Bead Blast?

Bead blasting is more cost effective and great at prepping parts for painting. We mainly use this service on ferrous metal parts as it’s an excellent choice for surface preparation. This means the part is then ready for painting. It is a very gentle method compared with sandblasting and more traditional processes. We use this service to alter final finishes. We can tape off critical surfaces, bead blast and re-Vapour blast for a ‘cast’ look on alloy parts. We can also leave the part bead blasted for a 'classic' finish.

What materials can be blasted?

Mainly used on ferrous metal parts for paint preparation. However it can be used on alloy parts for various applications and finish altering.

How big or small can the parts be?

Most motorycle frames can be blasted in our bead blaster. We can not do car doors and larger parts yet.

Do I need to do anything before bringing/shipping my parts?

To save yourself some money and get your parts back faster we ask that your parts are degreased and any bearings removed if applicable. This saves our blasters time and you money but if you cannot prep your parts before sending/bringing them we will certainly do this for you. Bearings can be left in but they do not survive the blasting process as they become seized with glass media and require replacement after. Degreasing will be charged at an hourly rate if excessive. Bearings can be removed on request by our mechanic.

Can you organise my painting?

We certainly can, whatever your painting needs. We can prep your parts and handle all your painting needs. Contact us for more information.









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